Should wars be fought on Earth?

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Created: Monday, March 11, 2013 05:53 pm PST by homer2000.
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Debate Summary

Should wars be fought on Earth?
Must wars be fought to bring about peace?
Can wars be fought justly?

Whether fought over resources, land or ideological differences, wars have shaped and reshaped the map of the planet, creating or destroying entire nations. Military history reaches as far back as human memory, with nearly every recorded civilization engaging in armed struggles and some in a state of constant warfare. Early civilizations were established and maintained primarily with military power: Egypt, Rome, Athens, Sparta and the Persian Empire, for example, all rose and fell on the strength of their armies. Modern warfare is characterized by technological innovations from machine guns to nuclear bombs, capable of inflicting damage on a large scale.




Image: Korean War Pictures - B-26 Light Bombers Drop Bombs

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